Boring for Water

Boring or piercing the earth is something I would want to avoid. After reading so many articles on ground water depletion, I had very many hesitation to go for boring. But in this part of the land, there is no other water source.  Irrigation from canal or river or even a lake is absent. People are dependent on rain water or underground water.

I did my own study of where I can dig for water.  Digging an open well is an option. I would love to do that as open wells have their own elegance. Who would not want to take bath in open well or pumpset. Those who are from rural background would relate to what I am writing. They support more life forms. But I understand it is very costly,  given the labor shortage. It may cost between 3 to 6 lakhs, even then there is no guarantee of year long water. So it is ruled out.

 I used to spend hours pondering over the Google earth. In and out, in and out. Imagining there could be water way underground which will show up as a green belt. Indeed I firmly believed that all the dry lakes surrounding my lake would have sunk the water deep down and should be available. I chose the point X for boring.

Meanwhile I also had a local ‘prospector’  who did water prospecting for me using his own technique of coconut and stick. He also spotted the same. Additionally an experienced guy was consulted. The guy who was contracted for boring also had a wealth of experience to share and he was positive. But he also said he did not get any success for the past few borings he did in the neighbourhood villages. Anyway i wanted to go ahead.
My sanction to my supervisor was to go for 90 feet to 150 feet maximum. I expected water at 40 feet. I planned for something like this;
Feet Rate Amount
Boring 150 65 9750
Casing 20 230 4600
I was in Hyderabad and boring was happening around 1400 Kms away. My supervisor was coordinating. He had selected a dry day for boring and was waiting for the boring crew to be free. An  

So the boring went on…. 80 feet, 90 feet, 100, 110 and so on… There ws no water even after 160 feet. Only hard rock in black color. I believe from my supervisor telling that if there is no change of color, that was worrying him. He asked my advise. At 160 feet we asked to stop the work.

Boring Lorries, taking position

early morning was selected and boring commenced. 

Boring in progress

The crew was asked to start a boring from a new location, let us call ‘B’ towards East. This spot was also a choice selected and kept as plan B.  There also the crew could get only hard rock for about 90 feet. we asked to stop. My supervisor asked what to do? very difficult situation.  By that time it was lunch time. Boring owner was anyway gave up.  My supervisor also. Mood was very dull. I was in my office.  Then i picked my courage and ordered as follows. I said, anyway we have dug over 160 feet in ‘A’ location. Let us continue further boring over there. I have guts we will get water. Come what may. I will pay for it. Please go ahead and don’t worry.  The boring fellows have to be convinced to re-aling on the same pit once again. Generally they will charge for re-boring. This time they accepted due to friendly talk.  So we started again,  at 190 the rock blasted and water started coming. We continued boring till 220 and stopped.
I was told the water was crystal clear. Since it was from under a big rock boulder of continuous depeth, there should be perinnial supply of water for atleast few years. Meanwhile I have to work towards recharging the ground water.  The same day evening the water level rose to some 30 feet.  My supervisor and his friends were able to draw water with simple bucket and rope.
Now a bigger worry !  What happened to the half dug borewell. Though both are well within the compound, we were worried no one should fall into that. Same day I strictly told my supervisor and others that the B hole to be closed at any cost. Presently they have to construct obstacles – which they did. Next day some workers were hired and the hole was closed with mud, sand, stones and waste material. Then i had relief.  As for the main bore hole, it was covered with outer (the PVC pipe) and was tied with Jute bag. Cementing to be done later.
Thus a successful boring operation was over.

Land after Boring. I understand the rocksoil is good for growing “asola”. I asked them to preserve it. I donot know if they understood my advice.

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