The first plants to Go

With withdrawal of South west monsoon, rain fall has started in southern part of India. It is peculiar though. When north east cold currents force the south west monsoon clouds, the hitherto dry lands of southern tip of India, gets its full rain.  Otherwise a rain shadow region, for rain parched Nanguneri, these two months are important to get their maximum rain. Taking advantage of this, I have ordered about 1300 samplings from nearby nursery in Nagarcoil.  The farm that I was dreaming about for the past 3 years gets its first life.

A mixture of flowers, fruits, live fence, trees, shurbs to give color to the bio-diversity of my farm. There is a catch, though.  I have a hand operated pump installed on a newly dug borewell. that is all the source of water for my farm, which is fenced and secured.  A new employee, a farmer by himself is going to water these samplings.  My friend Subbu would provide his helping hand as usual. I am waiting for the snaps of the first few plants that are already installed. Subbu told he has dug 2×2 pits and placed fruit trees already with a circumference of planting not exceeding 50 meters from the hand pump, lest it will be difficult to irrigate.


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