Creating Swales in the farm

After reading the article “Falling in love with swales” from Mr. D V Sridharan’s blog (, i also have now fallen in love. His own personal account and his presentation is excellent.  Though I cannot buy a JCB machine for myself (which I wish) as he has done, i do want to go ahead with swales with my own design manually or otherwise for catching the rain water which otherwise is going waste. I need water. Presently I have one borewell with a handpump.  With this, and one manual labour, i cannot grow many trees. Today irrigation is confined to whatever this man can reach to do. Presently only live fence is ON. Even there also some of the pine trees are still not planted and remaining in polythene bags, already tring to burst it and grow its roots out. I feel if I can replinish the ground water by recharging the ground, then i can go for more trees unattended. Initially when they are small, some hardwwork will be required for watering. Later their deep roots must be able to fetch water from underground themselves. 

That’s my idea.  I just now discussed with my farm supervisor and friend. Explained him about premaculture and Swale in the language he can understand. I donot know how much he grasped, because anything I say he listens with eagerness and equal fervor. May be because it is a new concept or i am the boss. Whatever, he is going to help me. I am going to start the planning from 1600 Kms away. Now it is raining in my farm. I have asked for photographs of rain water stagnation points and flow marks and top soil erosion points. Let me wait…..

Tailpiece: I am also talking to my friend farmer shashi to cut swales in his coffee garden in Coorg. It will be more useful in the slopes to save rain water which otherwise will run down the hill.  I have personally experienced water problems in hilly areas. In my child hood we had severe water scarcity in Ooty where it rains many months !.  Because perhaps of wrong water management or bursting population

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