I said NO to Free Electricity proposal

I have taken the best ever decision which is backed by my long standing conviction and satisfaction. I said ‘NO’ to an idea to apply for ‘free’ electricity connection to my farm.  Not that it is so easy to get. I hear there is a waiting list of 3 years. But my farm supervisor was bringing a proposal whereby someone has promised that they will provide connection before May (elections) if we ‘pay’ money with 80% probability. That money could cost as much as one lakh. Left alone, many people will be dragged into this attraction, after all they will get lifelong free electricity even if upfront payment is high.
I explained to my supervisor as follows.
  1. I donot anyway like the idea of ‘free’ current. Anyone who has taken free current is only misusing over a period of time. I have seen farmers just pumping water from boring into well for hours togather, i know not what they achieve.
  2. Free current will not be there forever. Even after Kudankulam and other power plants, once again TN is in darkness with power cuts. Therefore there is no guarantee of power in TN.
  3. I donot want to adjust to ‘load schedules’ of electricity board. I want power when i want.
  4. I have no major machinery. By limiting to small current, I can limit my growth on any major power consuming activity and encourage energy effecient small scale things.
  5. I want to give first preference to renewable energy. Crack the problem of Wind and Solar. Gas and solar concentrators are bit away once labour force comes in.
I have experience of planning for Solar. I did an intensive mental exercise as well are some study and have arrived at a model suitable for me.  My planning was in advance stage 6 months back. But due to some disagreement at home,  i had to postpone it. Now i will start thinking seriously. I need to relieve my lonely worker of his physical burden of handpump. Number of saplings are growing.  Otherwise my plan was as follows;
Solar PV Module – 250 Wp 3 Nos.
MC4 Connectors 1 Set
Module Mouting Frame 1 Set
Hybrid Solar Pump of 1.4 KW 1 No.
Starter Panel suitable for 1.4KW Pump 1 No.
Solar Cable, 4.0 Sqmm 40 Mts
Submersible Cable Suitable for 1.4KW 100 Mts

The solar panels to be installed at 6 feet height on pedastals with concrete base and iron rods. The submersible pump which is costly should be secured somehow.  The total spend would be around 1.5 lacs is my estimate.  Let me see…..

Note: My area is prone to theft in the night. Therefore I also need to have night watchman. That is one of the deterrence to go for more investment of costly items in my farm.

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