Solar Power Using Reflectors

Solar Power is always fascinating. I am not sure why the technocrats, dreamers and people at large are struggling to perfect the same, when it is available in plenty. Perhaps there is an invisible hand from oil companies and electronics industry who create equipments with planned obsolescence and present automobile industry to curb any development happening in battery, semi conductor or conventional thermal equipments.

Mr. Desai with his creation. Large dish useful for hostels.

What I saw in TinyTechIndia was de-mystifying. Very simple, affordable solar cookers for home and large institutions been perfected. I put my hand on the focus point of one of the reflector which was kept in a corner, dusty and half shadowed. Still I could feel the intense heat of Aditya, the SUN. I am convinced that many applications can be built around this reflector.  The beauty about his design is that this entire dish can be dismantled and packed to the size of a golf kit.

Mr. Desai had already experimented with various types of reflectors. His  11.5 Meter

Me touching the focal area to feel the heat

Square reflector array with 500 mirrors is an achievement by itself. He is exporting smaller versions of cookers to hostels, old age homes and households. Using one of the reflectors, they have cooked 20 KG of rice in 1 Hour.

For my farm I wanted to explore if I can generate enough steam to run a steam engine using reflector. Though I am not convinced about the parabolic dish shaped reflector (Because it will require someone to manually turn table during the day. In case of cooking rice, one need not turn it for say, 1 to 2 hours. But beyond one hour, it requires adjustment to track the SUN).  I had suggested Mr. Desai if he can develop a cylindrical shaped reflector which he accepted in affirmation. Now the ball is in my court to confirm. I would do after some more study how to integrate the reflector, steam pipes, engine, generator, manpower and daily routine process. I need few more ideas.

Presently I am satisfied having found a source. Solar energy is no more a mystery for me but absolutely fascinating to work with.

Given here is Tinytech product brochure. Given here only for your interest. I am neither their sales promotor nor any retailer. Kindly contact the company for anything more.

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