Finally my Windmill Mechanical Amplifier working

The blue metal strips will keep
the frame to the ground.

The Mechanical Amplifier that I designed on my own 4 months back, fabricated in Pune and sent across to My farm 800 kilometers away is finally working.  The following are the advantages.

a) The ABS (Poldaw) windmill has a freedom of 10 cms (3.5 inches) verticle movement. This need to be amplified to exploit the foot valve cylinder that has over 20 inches freedom so that more water will come. This apparattus that I have designed works like a cantilever to expand this movement (energy). Presently we get 3000 to 5000 liters of water per day. This will become 20,000 to 30,000 liters per day. Already we are seeing early results even without adjusting further.

b) This will isolate windmill from underground pipe/rod assembly. So that we can work in deep well bore without stopping the windmill.

c) The twist and turn of the windpump rotor will not affect and unscrew the borewell rods anymore. Minimum repair and re-fix.

d) This will hold the weight of central rod assembly. Thus windpump is relieved of pulling the entire weight for every stroke. This is achieved by hanging the rod on moving frame and counter weight at other end of cantilever.   I want windpump to become completly free so that is runs smoothly.
Just to fix the frame on the ground has taken a month.   The holes that I made on the frame did not match the already existing bolts near the bore well.  Some measurement went wrong.  Subbu,

Kandhan and his friend Paramu could not think of an alternate solution.    There were actually so many alternate solutions available.   But they thought of the most difficult one,   and kept postponing executing it because they have to carry the heavy frame to the welding machine in another town. I dismissed their ideas.

 Finally I have to  intervene and the provide a simple solution.   Refer the photograph.  I just ask them to put a strip of metal over the Bolt we keep the frame anchored to the ground and it worked.

 Even though I had taken care of sending all the ingredients by packing in wooden box,  they misplaced a few and was searching for it later. This  was due to delay in installation.  Other times,  they were doing everything very wrongly even though I had earlier posted a demonstration Video with myself explaining everything in vernacular.

They misplaced the video message in WhatsApp.     Finally everything is in place.  Minor adjustments here and there are still required. But water is coming.  Subbu had taken pains in the last 2 days to mend the pipe, fittings and actually worked very hard.  Only the counter weight is still not properly placed.  Subbu was reluctant to add weight. When forced, he said he will hang a lorry tyre. I got wild and ridiculed his thinking process itself. Suggested him to hang sand bag. 

But the windmill mis-behaved. It threw the weight out. Some clamps came down heavily.  Luckily there is no injury. I need to investigate why it did not take counter weight.  I think it is because of speed of windpump that there are unnecessary jerks in its movement.     I asked for clear video. But subbu is not an ace shooter. The photos he sent were not that useful.
Rest in pictures.
Subbu’s friend fixing the frame.

Atlast the water. 3/4 inch pipe full of water.  This will be diverted to overhead tank
installation in progress.

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