Ladder to Heaven at Farm

It has become important and a routine to climb atop the windpump tower.  Presently Subbu and others are using their palm tree climbing skills.  They are not complaining about the fatigue but I can sense that.  I want the basic infra to be in place.  I always wanted to make this ladder to climb the windpump tower.  I also brought a pair of PPE through online and got it delivered  (Personal protection equipment which is nothing but belts and hooking fastners to be worn while working atop the tower).

For several weeks now I had been asking Subbu to take quotes from various workshops. They charge a cool 20K. I donot want to spend that much. Discussed with him various ways of doing that. But they have a fix or a hang on that. Perhaps at the ground level, they are bound by resources that is practically available.  Subbu spend several days disappointing me.   I thought he was good at negotiating. But he was not. He was so innocent on certain matters that he accepts on face value without questioning. Even a bit of technology will make him surrender.

Finally I gave an idea. Let us buy iron patti (flat strips) and give to a welder and get this cut and welded. My point was strength is not important. Because it is going to lean and be fitted on the existing tower only. Tower will provide the necessary support. Subbu accepted with hesistation.

He went about and finally purchased 1″ x 2″ square pipe conduit. Same material for the sides and the rungs.  Total 8 pipe of 20 feet length.  Some welding sticks, cutting disks and work started. The material was purchased from Valliyoor and welder from Parappadi. We need to give labour cost to the workshop man. It took 2 weeks to make because the welder this in part time.  It will work out under 10K for making a 50 feet long ladder and fit it on tower.   They also tried to hang a welding machine from tower and tried to weld in air. But seems did not work out.

Here it goes. As I am writing the ladder is finished, fixed and painted. I was surprised and annoyed to hear the ladder was tide with rope !.  I chided the team and asked them to fasten with patti, nuts and bolts.  Such is the followup required.

Kandan with his PPE worn

People atop the tower fixing blades. Without the ladder

Welder is cutting the pipe

Delivery of square pipe. The material was done at site.

The ladders half done. Total 50 feet.

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