Farm Update 23rd Jan, 2022

My first post in WordPress after migrating from Blogger. It has been very confusing experience in WordPress. It is unintuitive, cumbersome. What more it is asking money even for basic setup. I could somehow invent few techniques myself using DOS, Excel and migrate all my 330 posts here. They are my 10 year work that i had in my blogger. Seems each of companies like WordPress, Microsoft and Google are onto making money and in that process has left the core product and customers behind. Anyway I am on basic plan and will continue to innovate. (don’t like spending money unnecessarily)

Update on the farm

Rains have gone. Sun is shining. Subbu can no longer hold on to his white lies forever. The roost have to come home. Finally he started moving his ass after innumerable persuasions. If he doesnot act now, some of the trees will dry up. The fact is electricity is costly, had cable cut and is not working. Motor is not working. Windmill was never connected. Therefore now he is at compulsion to act.

Idea is to remove the pump and motor from each of the borewells and clean and put back. But the roots of trees have blocked the borewells. Therefore labour is required and lot of physical activity. Currently (Yesterday) he has removed things from both the wells. Now the electric submercible needs repair and maintenance. He has taken to Valliyoor along with technicians on motor cycles. Will cost around 6K.

The rusted pipe just removed from windmill borewell
Workers removing the pipe assembly. Due to chocking because of root growth inside the borewell, this lifiting is a mammoth challenge. Make one mistake the assembly will fall deep.
Kandan at the other borewell where submercible was removed.
Securing the well with cover.

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