Farm update in visuals March 2022

Kind of settled in new way of communicating. Subbu has finally started taking some interest on his own. Atleast answering the phone. Perhaps he is feeling guilty over prolonged absense.

These are pictures he sent. Basically there was huge problem on jet pump. Suddenly two weeks back it stopped working. Result was, some plants started wilting without water.

The root cause was found to be some small stones were coming in the bore well and damaged fans. It was taken to valliyoor and promptly repaired. The team suspects someone would have put mud into the well or and a new stream got opened under the earth. The latter is more likely due to extreme rains last month..

Anyway this woke up Subbu and he started working fast. Of course the loss was for me (around 10k) and second time repairing of same pump also did not work.

Finally the old bore well was abandoned and the motor was shifted to tube well under the wind mill. That is how it is working now and we are waiting for the old bore well water to settle down.

Jasmine patch.
I guess some pest has attacked the tree.

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