Period of No activity – Farm update

Not that the time is bad now. It has always been that way for the past few years now.

There is virtually no activity in the farm now. The fruits and flowers are just getting matured and falling apart in natural way with no one to take care. Perhaps animals and insets must be having huge party. Plants and trees are growing however with bare minimum support without any hinderance. That is how it should be. It should be exiting to visit the farm. I have not been there since 3 years now (due to corona and subsequent lockdown).

Subbu and Kandan have continuous family issues. They have become old, weak and worn out is what i hear from other circles. Whereas Subbu is continuously hampered by domestic issues, Kandan has health problems.

They are so busy and engrossed that they hardly find time even to visit the farm and do the long list of to-do things that we always discuss. Some activity over fixing the electricity is half way. Bills are coming to range of 2K per month. Recently subbu attempted to repair the kerosene pumpset but it failed after spending around 15K and lot of effort to carry that all the way to Tirunelveli. He also skid from two wheeler and then on took some rest.

Besides these there were some mystical things also happened near the farm. Adjascent to our farm is a small Sastha Temple. Every year relatives and friends of that family use to visit on Uttaram day. They rest in our farm during the hot sunny day. The principle owners of the temple – a family did not visit for few years in a row. This year they all visited. He made a call also for donation purpose with renewed energy.

But alas on the same day they lost their son in a freak car accident nearby just 10 minutes into a dropping a relative to railway station. It was told that he was a drankard earlier and was basically a good guy but without any aim. The accident itself was very freak and could not believe it happened. Now I am not sure how that family will come next year to worship – either they will fear the God even more and fulfill their project or abandon altogather and handover to other relatives. God has his own plans. Subbu was very much with that man till last moment and he escaped that accident as he had some work in the farm at that time and did not accompany him.

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