Making use of discarded borewell

Remember I have two borewell. The productive borewell that had jet pump inside went berserk. Suddenly mud/sand/gravel started falling inside, repairing the deep submersible pump. I paid upto 7K to repair it and Subbu did his best to repeatedly pullout, repair and put back. But no use. Again the bore water was clogged with dirt. There was no option but to abondon thinking it will settle down in few months. If it were some new underground new water current source, then it should settle down.

No use the situation was same even after months. Therefore windpump had to be pulled and it that borewell, the jet pump had to be inserted to maintain the show. On my visit to the farm I saw the abondoned borewell. Ideally I could have put a vertical axis windpump that I am developing. But alas, it is not ready. That if it were would pump the water slowly with mud and all.

While enquiring for a compressor in the market, I chanced upon this compact monobloc compressor, ready to use. priced at around 14K, this is the best. Vendor told it can reach upto 200 feet. Immediatly I placed order for one and started the work. We will install this near the borewell, pump the mud water using compressed air. That way nothing can stop us from using that well. Thought was put into action. Rest in pictures.

Otherwise abondoned well

Above is a picture of unused borewell covered with sac. This had mud falling inside rendering any jetpump useless.

Monobloc Motor

Monobloc Motor compressor pump

Decided to purchase this monobloc pump.

A fully functional water supply system fabricated in 3 days flat.

New Water tank, fully operational

Video of final shape of newly installed irrigation system putting to use the discarded borewell. Thanks to Subbu, Kandan and Kandan’s son Sivanesh who is a technician now himself. He does a good job. He also brought an efficient technician who charged a bit high, but did a pukka job as can be seen in the picture. Subbu was upset, but he has no reason to be upset, for the damage he had done so far outweighs anything.

After this, few months hence, now only the lateral pipes are not in use. They are clogged. Otherwise Kandan is able to manage is work.

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