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Simple Verticle Wind Pump For Marginal Farmers

Farm status in Visuals

Google app almost stopped update on the blogger application.   I need to manage and continue to post using outdated interfaces. Now this post, I am trying from my new mobile phone Samsung Galaxy A22. 

The silent communication with farm workers still continue the pictures are sent by them without commentary.

Durga Pooja at Farm
Normally Subbu would invite all families and perform. Not sure who were there.

Must be a memorable picnic for this boy at our farm

Subbu  probably wanted to convey  the work that had been done. Mud fencing each plant. Hopefully now that rains are lashing this would have been useful. This is traditional agriculture practice and Subbu always used to mention

Not bad harvest. But I expect more. Very high quality jasmine flowers. Intoxicating fragrance.

Jasmine patch. 

Finally the classic entrance. Trees are matured and shade is continuous. No wonder Paramus, the carpenter is spending time here resting.

Farm Update May, 2021 in Visuals

 General Update :  The farm is not having much activity. Due to COVID lockdown,  Subbu and Kandan are confined to homes.  Even in remote villages, the movement is highly restricted by police.  They visit the farm once a day, pick flowers and vanish back to home. The Covid sickness and death news that is coming from the villages is not encouraging.    Each of the villages are loosing people to this deadly disease.  Since one per family have to attend the funeral, they come to know each other.  People who go to Higround hospital die and the body gets transferred to crematorium by organised groups. Period.

Adjascent to the farm, the narrow tar road is getting widened.  For this road widening, the contractor is dumping mud upto the compound of the farm. I believe he is constructing a concrete wall to hold the mud. That means two things

a)    Farm will a wide approach road from the main road.  This is good for future.

b)   The farm will have steep elevation protecting the farm. I asked Subbu  to plant tees between road and farm so as to act as fence for future. Like hundreds of unfulfilled instructions, this may get staked up.

The wall coming to the left is upto which this road will widen

The gap between Road and farm compound. My worry is people
should not start using this as regular path. Which subbu says cannot be because there is no
entry or exit for this.  Presently this is a service strip. May get covered with shrubs
I want trees to be planted here. So that traffic will not fall from the curved raised road onto the slope.

The scene near the enterance.  The trees have become matured.
Subbu says he spends time in this shade. It can instantly make one happy.

Not bad at all. All the trees that were recently purchased are growing well. 
This patch of land was dull earlier

The Jasmine patch. The only revenue yielding crop today
Though the output is only 200 grams.  I guess extreme hot sun is now allowing
flowering. If I were there I would experiment with a canopy
But such trails if done through workers have failed and resulted in money/effort loss. So not attempting

I also have in mind of setting up a distillation plant for extracting jasmine scent. Again
this needs inquisitive mind and sincerity.

Some more young trees

It is heartning to see the girth of the trees have broadened. These were coconuts that I was worried
since they grew fast and hence less strength. But now it can survive.

No medicine, no pesticide, not even fertiliser.  Just natural growth.

This is how electricity is carried from main room to pump room. Three wires hung from
a stay wire. The plastic separator clips keep the wires away from each other
otherwise they are also insulated. But insulation will break due to heat and rubber becoming brittle

Beautiful view of Farm Pond.  The color of water is muddy. Sometime it will be clear.  This is used by migratory birds.
A forest look or resort look. I can now slowly invite people for farm tourism.

Classic view of WIndmill

Kandan’s work is visible here.  The gooseberry tree is visible have become tall.  The ground is loose
thanks to constant maintenance. Ready to absorb water. Incidently last week it was raining there.

Extremely high density of wild herbs in fence side.  Must be a paradise for those who are interested.

The windmill tower now with proper ladder ( a project by itself).
Look at the small animometer that was kept aside for few years, now again fixed on tower.

Finally the iconic windmill. The trees competing with it.

Farm Update 17th January, 2021 in Visuals (around the farm)

 Its been a quite a gap now in updating the status. Several reasons. Let me get to the point. Both self and Subbu (my farm manager) were in depression.  Some due to challenge in progressing on anything that we plan. The other is I had tremendous workload from my office. Now that we are working from home, staff availability is taken for granted. Consequently meeting calender is full, short notice and more critical things are discussed.  Overall Job is going fine. But farm is maintaining its status que.  Farm power bills are a shocker. More on that later.

Meanwhile Subbu fell terribly ill past 1 month. Typhoid he said.  He was not picking the phone continuously for 15 days. I gave up. Later he called to say he was admitted and did not have mind to answer calls. Fine.  I advised him to take care.  I cannot put any pressure for some more days to come.

On the day he recovered, he ventured not into the farm, but around the farm and clicked these pictures. Generally local guys donot pay attention to obvious and simple things. Nor they communicate. But since he came from hospital bed, must have felt of re-conquering all that he left.  I compare this with animals marking their territory to assert themselves.  Rest in pictures.  These are rare and oneoff pictures  around the farm. 

This is how it looks in front of the farm gate.   It was plotted long back. Hardly
anyone would have purchased from that real estate company. Anyway it is a potential threat as well as 
opportunity for my farm.

This is the approach road to the farm gate from the main road.  Sastha temple is visible.
Sastha is the deity that overlooks my farm and protects us.

The sastha temple as it is appearing.  I can understand how Subbu would have felt as a thanksgiving
he would have visited the temple after curing himself from typhoid

The pond inside my farm. Cute and filled with water. Coconut trees are healthy

This is how the farm looks from main road from front of Sastha temple.  Banana trees are visible

Adjascent to Sastha temple is this pond. Nachankulam is the name.  One one side of road is this pond. The other side is my farm.  This gets hardly filled with water. Even if it fills, it dries quickly.  But this pond is the reason
for ground water in my farm.   I wanted to plant trees on its bund. Subbu is not taking interest. Perhaps there are
hasseles with local corrupt Panjayath officers who may object


A look outside from one of the fences of the farm.  Single Palm trees are nostalgic for me. Because 
when I surveyed this land, i was only accompanied and greeted by single lonely Palm tree that gave
hope !

Jasmine bush.  This is supposed to yield but not doing when prices are high. Jasmine sells at 1000/- per KG
this season. But hardly any flowers.  Small quantity is plucked by Subbus wife or his girl friends. I donot mind

Subbu told me recently that he had planted some moringa branches. May be it has sprouted. I donot know what this bugger wants to tell me. He never explains by word of mouth.

Another part outside the farm.  Look at the dry ness.  I deliberately sharing this to show the contrast my
farm would have created in this arid desert.,

Inside the farm. Coconut trees are maturing with life. Must be good to be in. I miss this.

The area that got burnt, now recouping.  

One of the new batch of trees. Safe and growing.  This is inspite of issues like Kandan absent, water bills
Subbu completely absent etc.

Near the room and toilet near the entrance.

Near the windmill tower.  Euclyptus must have grown fast. Can see its dry leaves.

Under the main resting shelter. Relatively kept very clear. I appreciate

Another beautiful view.

End of post.

Windpump Repair

 There are several unrelated things. I will cover them at brief.

Recently I was upset about Subbu’s lack of focus on the farm.  Till date he comes with some excuse for not attending to any given work on the farm.  He went on his personal trips to Coimbatore, then came and went to Trichendur, then he said some death in village, then couple of marriages, then attended his family farm and so on… days and months went by. I spoke to him rather sarcastically saying I will call 1st of every month.

The main issue was the windpump is under repair. He was not attending to small repairs which led to complete downtime. At this time electricity bill is coming exhorbitant. Had he fixed that sincerely I would have saved thousands of bugs.  Anyway automatically he now started paying attention to the farm.  We are exchanging notes on how to mend the windpump. 

The issue is when the windpump turns its direction, it unwinds the connecting rods. It could be on surface or 50 feet down below. Everytime it needs labor and time to pull everything out and fix it. THis has been happening for several times. Now the root cause is found. It is due to stupidity of Subbu and his friend that they had welded the rods tightly as against the factory design resulting in this mistake happening. Now I made a video of how to repair with a small model and sent him.

As of today he is on the right path. Had he sent photos earlier properly, I would have given right solution instantly last year itself. That would have saved more money.

Rest in visuals.

This is the part that needs to be repaired. The bearing that is welded in the middle is a mistake and needs to be removed.
Work in progress on the tower

Another view

This is the bore head right under the tower. The pipe and rod assembly being removed.

As of now, he has removed the bearing. Now this need to be assembled. Meanwhile 
on the borewell itself, the rods will be replaced with new rods. Total 80 feeet.

Farm Update 18th July, 2020

Its been a while that I have updated this blog.  Partly it is the boredom and depression due to continuous lockdown due to Corona. I am frustrated here in Pune where i reside.  1000 kilometers away, my caretaker  of the farm,  friend Subbu is also frustrated as his mobility is severally affected by local lockdown there. Less about me and more about farm now.

This time, it is difficult to get workers or material near my farm. Once Subbu went to Tirunelveli with a vehicle to purchase few hardware. He was stopped enroute and sent back by police.  Normally villagers are not used to such restrictions and they have never seen one like this in their life time. In short life is crippled. His children are at home and smartphones are used by them for studies.
Kandan, another worker is not showing interest, disciplined and not listening to Subbu. That is one frustration.  Our toilet pit need to be re-constructed, so also few things like putting a strong door to the farm room for safe keep of things.  These hardware items have been purchased, but our friend contractor Paramu has refused to come. He is either too lazy, or too cautious about corona or too frustrated. I believe he delayed so much Subbu got frustrated to look for another guy.  Because cement will get spoilt.
Now some visuals of the farm.
Banana patch near the windmill tower. Looks good. But parched
Above is Banana patch near the windmill tower. Looks good. But looks parched for water.  Water from windmill is less. Mostly pumpset is run for an hour or two.
The new patch of trees growing fine. This exactly requires tender care. And that is where Kandan is failing and subbu is frustrated.

Just asked Subbu to take closeup of few trees just to read their personalities.  After a long time just watching the trees grow which were small when I visited.  This gives satisfaction of having visited the farm.  Ideally if not for corona, I would have made a visit or two to the farm in this part of the year which is peak summer.

Well this is the reason for Subbu getting more frustrated.  Kandan had burnt a portion of the farm. Actually he was supposed to clear the grass with help of two workers. Subbu had arranged labor. But due to laziness, he had lit the grass which burned substantial portion including some of the upcoming plants.  May be a dozen.  Subbu was not having any mind to speak to me or send photos. I sensed some issue.  Made a heart to heart talk and came out this.   I pacified him.   Nothing can be done. This is part of life.  we cannot change a grown up man like Kandan who must be around 45 to 55 years of age.  
This is very classic. Look at the tall trees behind. one or two are eucalyptus, my childhood favourite ( was born in ooty), now growing in my farm.  In a remote future, I may start a small distillation unity for Jasmine and may be eucalyptus.  Plan is ready. Otherwise waiting.
The jasmine patch. Great going. Only the yield is always 400 grams or less. Not enough for market.

Simple Verticle Wind Pump for Marginal Farmers

India is full of small and marginal farmers.  If one looks at from the window of an Airplane while flying one can understand what I mean.  Millions of tiny patches of land.


These farmers are very vulnarable due to Globalisation, corporatisation and government schemes. They donot get adequate support or cooperation or price.  Every farmer has a family to support. They also supply food to us.  They are equal to petty shops or mom & pop stores in retail Industry.  They will be bulldozed by large corporates in future unless they are protected.

There are two problems they face.  One is water availability and pumping of the same (energy).  I want to solve the second one.

The below design of mine is Vertical Axis Wind Pump that can be fabricated in neighbourhood workshop or one’s backyard with sufficient tools.  The design should be optimum like a bicycle.

Past several years, I have been at this R&D to find the optimal design that is simple, doable and useful.  I think I have changed design 8 times so far.  Entire R&D and prototype design has generated wealth of knowledge.    Today I have moved from R&D to Prototype and poised to enter production stage.

My first production piece has already been shipped to Theni, a distance of 1200 Kms through logistics transport. However the customer had to leave back to his work in Qatar. He has delegated installation to his brothers i guess. I had sent detailed installation videos. Hopefully they will install with some delay. 

I had meanwhile posted a vide facebook and Youtube.  Both in English and Tamil.  Refer the end of this page for links.

Youtube link in English:

Youtube link in Tamil:
Rest in visuals.  My pursuit started in 2016. The page is updated as of upto  October, 2021



A humble beginning.  This was my starting design. Made of plywood. Discarded due to weight issues.


My first success. The number of rotation measured by thread. 


My 2nd Design. Same plywood in V shape and horizontal. This was a successful design. Variation of this is still carried forward.


Same in action.


Added some handmade gears and motor cycle tooth wheel to extract energy


My attempt to connect with motor cycle chain, cycle free wheel, handmade gear etc.  I discarded the design
immediately after this.


I did continue the design, but replaced with clumsy gear with bevel gear
again hand made with help of lathe workshops. This was successful design
but still wanting perfection


This was stable design except for 2 important issues. I had to discard this.


Adding pump to that
Heavy monsoon impact.  Not viable design. Discarded


Then a major design change.  Now with sheet metal. 
Now with entire verticle axis rotating on two bearings with 1:1 gear at bottom.


Then a complex design of gears to pump water. This design was further improved putting lot of efforts, but I discarded later.


By experience I quickly realised that i need more “power”. Therefore hereafter i started experimenting with wing design
Different wing designs, different shapes, length, weight and so on…. It was tiresome.


Therefore to make several models and test them, created a table top wind tunnel like this.  Made out of computer power module fan (12 Volt) and other material.
These experiments destroyed my pre-conception about behavior of wind and its action on objects.


These were literally applied on real prototypes





And hoisted in extreme environments to check the air flow.


From R & D to Prototype

From all the above experiments, it was decided to discard and replace every part of the windpump design. .

  1. The wing design was simplified
  2. The mast was strengthened using stainless steel pipe
  3. The tower is tillable for easy installation
  4. Finally I have discarded the traditional water pump and designed my own pump


My latest design focus on ease of packing for transport (only 5 feet), strong, can support mast upto to 20 feet or more, can be anchored to concrete slab using anchor bolts (inspired by street light design).


There are two load bearing ball bearings. Stainless steel mast will withstand wild strorm
The entire design is sleek

The wings are made of thin steel galvanised sheets used for roofing (before rolling). Edge is rolled with GI wire inside to give strength.
3 feet in lengh and 2 feet breadth.


The wings are supported by aluminium angles.  Attachment is through rivits. The crown piece shown
here is still undergoing design change.  In fact it was a failure.  But this failure allowed me to think and come with better design.



The whole tower can be tilted down often for any repair purpose. The wings can be mounted easily with screws. The final design may have 6 wings instead of 4.
This was the first run after mounting at safe height. However immediatly after this day, it was a long Corona Lockdown.  I had to dismantle to avoid any mishap due to any unprecedented cyclone wind that may blow in my absence. (I live in apartment at 1st floor. This is in 8th Floor).


By March, 2021 after the corona unlockdown, i got a call from my first customer to deliver the pump as he was in a hurry.  With no choice left to attempt any more R&D,  I had to double speed and convert / finish the prototype into a finished product. 
I had following in mind
  1. Must be easy to install by DIY. This needed several design changes in last minute to make it glitch free.  For example joining the pipe segments must be easy. Joining the wings must be easy
  2. Must be as compact as possible.  Frame not more than 5 feet in length.  Each pipe segment 5 feet.  Frame must be one square feet in width.  Only then it can be packed and carried in a car say to keep transport cost minimum
  3. Must be error free and durable in working.  Had to do last minute design change on the pump itself which lead to an accidental discovery making it more innovative and reliable.
  4. Water pump and the wind mill must be deattachable for free run when necessary. I want the windmill to rotate freely even if pump is not connected for piping or maintenance. Windmill must run without break.
  5. Must be friendly to animals, birds. Hoping to install say in reserve forest for water holes. Therefore snakes, rodents should not lodge anywhere and harm themselves or the pump.  Birds should not get hit on the rotor fan.



This is the new and final Wing Design. 6 wings. each 3 feet in length.  2 feet in width folded at 1 feet middle.   Supported on 3 pairs of long threaded rods of 6 mm.  Symmetrical in shape.  The central piple will have 12 holes to be made, 6 at the top and 6 at the bottom, 1 feet below.   I hoisted this configuration and ran in extreme weather conditions. It was a success.


Finally the 6 petal windmill rotor is installed. No more looking back. Now I can focus on the pump.




This was my first custom made pump.    A prototype pump using O ring, one way values. Sleek design in PVC later to be replicated in metal. This pump design was tested for 3 months and discarded again for a more sleek model. 



A complete revolutionary idea.   This time I split the pump into two parts as shown.


  • One cylinder on the left is the air piston operated by windpump to create and reduce air pressure with every rotation.  
  • The cylinder on the right is a reservoyer that will suck water and expel it using two NRV valves kept in vertical position.  The weight of water will keep the valves in position.  
By isolating the air piston, i can apply grease (ball bearing red grease) for smooth functioning.

I had to compact the piston pump within the 1 square feet space below the scotch yoke mechanism that I have made out of stainless steel rods of 6 mm and matching nuts.

This way, the pump can be sealed into enclosure for outdoor applications. especially farms and forests.



Having put togather everything (illustrated here is pump before it was compacted under the frame), the water flowing for slightest of breeze. This is exactly what was to be achieved.


After this I had to put the pump togather, create installation videos and pack off the pump and send to Madurai.  As was planned, the entire pump could be packed in two pakages of 6 feet by 1.5 square feet and 4 feet by 1 square feet.  It was compact enough to be sent by any transport. Weight under 50 Kg.


A very compact design after dismantling. Ready to be packed.


Courier Pickup.  Costs a bomb these days. Need to work on this also.

After sending this pump to the first customer, and after a long gap, he sent the below picture of its installation in his cow shed


Meanwhile I further improvised the rotor and wings to suit low speed winds.  Why should i collect wind only for a plane ?. I divided a total of 9 wings into 3 layers and each layer having 3 each.  In total, the 9 wings will be each separted by 40 degrees covering total 360 degrees (40 * 9)


This configuration is so nice that even a small breeze makes it work. I could finally photograph the water flowing on its own even with small wind.  


The second change I made is in the piston.  The O ring makes only minimal contact with the cylinder. Not so suitable if cylinder is not in shape.  This is now replaced with cylinderical piston lined with foam. Low cost,  perfect solution which arrests 100% of air.  For lubrication i used boric acid (carrom board powder)




The third change is in the water pump.  The one-way valves are arranged in such a way that some weight is on top of the valve flap. Otherwise it gets opened and never closes.


The fourth and bigger change is the mounting of piston itself in vertical position. That means rotation is first converted to linear and then using bell crank into 90 degree. This arrangement will provide more sweep length for the pump.




This this new model is the final.   I have spoken with a local company (having global reach) for manufacturing at same cost. They have agreed. At present the windmill is now transported to their office/work where they will be testing this on field for some time.




The broad overview of the pump and concept is explained by me in youtube in both English and Tamil. The links are given above.
Youtube link in English:
Youtube link in Tamil:



Farm in Visuals 23-May-2020

Of late the conversation with Subbu is getting more healthy.   In spite of corona lock-down, or because of that perhaps, the activity at the farm is having quality.  There is time to think and do. Impulsive expenditure is completely out.

I was exploring with Subbu if we can extract the essence from Jasmine flowers.  Since it is highly perishable crop, and nearby market is far away, we only get customers from local market for their own consumption.  (Ladies wear Jasmine in villages / towns).  Nearest airport is Tuticorin and it may take half day or more to reach anywhere. The cost and effort will not workout atleast for now to export it to far away places where there is demand.

Therefore alternative is to extract essence or essential oil. I browsed internet and found few useful pictures. Based on that we may develop our own gadget in coming months.  Subbu warned that any such distillation at farm will come under suspect by police as spurious liquor distillation is rampant these days.

That said, let us see the current state of farm in visuals.

Even I am surprised looking at this. This is the way leading to windmill. There used to be only dwarf plants on right side. The coconut tree is later addition and seems to have grown really well.  There is ground water near the windpump.
Seen in yellow color under the tower is the windpump amplifier that I fabricated in Pune and sent last year. This is still not
put to use to its fullest potential. I am coaxing Subbu to get that up and running to save on electricity (story later)

Banana trees adjascent to the windmill tower.  In another 2 months they will mature. Earlier banana patch was
large. But now it has shrunk due to other trees growing rapidly.

IT was a wise decision that we took 6 months back to plant tree saplings near the white tank. Otherwise this is an infertile patch. Once we planted banana and it never grew to maturity.  But these trees are looking better.
The classic entrance from the gate.  This view is a reference point for me to track how mature the trees are growing. I have several photos from same spot since several years. 
In the hot Sun, Kandan seems to be rushing to water some tree.  Look at the moringa tree
it is healthy. That should be my next cash crop. I spoke to Subbu about it today.
Earlier last year he had promised to get sticks, but due to some issue that time, skipped.

Lots of shade due to growing coconut trees.

A beautiful and never before seen view of the Jasmine patch. The tree is a new addition that I donot know. The Neem tree seems to grow well and fast in the farm. 

This is the culprit.  A very fast growing weed type of tree (actually this is common in Pune. I got the seeds spread last time, but never expected this will grow like this). This is occupying prime portion of banana patch adj to windpump.
The sapota patch at the distance
Unhealthy. Needs attention as there is attack of pest. 
Neem oil+soap was sprayed
the holes were blocked with lime.

The pond is try. The vettiver has grow well. It prevents soil erosion. Recall this was replanted from near windmill after it
grew like a bush with threat of snakes.

here also there will be snakes as it is around the pond with frogs.

Important to note in this picture is the growth of trees on the north fence side. This is important to stop the warm winds from
blowing into the farm.  A long planned dream come true.

Farm Status Feb 2020

It is very refreshing to learn several things that are now falling in place.   Subbu has brought his new camera phone. That means a lot. We can get clear photos any time.  The windpump amplifier again has been put into operation after a full long year.    Rest in visuals.

This was the state of Jasmine plants 2 months back.
Subbu had done pedicure to the jasmine. This snap is given here for comparison to see what it is looking now (below)
The same patch now All the plants are having fresh tender leaves.  Jasmine seems to be growing really well
in this soil and climate.  It was a wise decision to go for Jasmine. Only  that we could not make much money till now.
Hopefully this year, we must.
Same jasmine in another patch. Good and refreshing to see that it is being cared for by Kandan and Subbu.
Closeup of how the sprout happens. If I were there, i could not have dared to do this.
Some Bird Nest and eggs.  I have seen these birds in our farm never bother to build a nest.
They just lay eggs on the floor. Really wild

Citron plant is yielding.  Subbu said he had taken it to market last week. Must have fetched 500/-.
He will always ask for bank account No again and again but will never deposit.  🙂
The single lonley mango plant. Already flowering. Last year the mangoes were plucked by visitors. this year
we must be strict.

Not bad. The hybrid variety has grown. The coconut water is not that tasty. It is too tender now.
After a lot of followup, mistakes, repeat work, once again my indigenous make – water amplifier below the wind pump
tower is being installed.  The below concrete base took so many days, besides other works on the tower itself. The frame was
just kept aside. Subbu did not have motivation to install this. He perhaps doesnot know the magic it is going to create.
Installation going On.
And finally water being pumped out of the windpump.  Really good to see so much of water.
But this is only the starting. The device that I have made has some adjustments, by which the water can be
amplified.  However let it run for few weeks. Then I will take that call. because any wrong step (adjustment) may spoil / break
the foot valve or bearing on the windpump tower.